About Us

Lettuce Wraps & Papers

Our company Superior Leaf Inc. created the lettuce paper industry. Our mission is to help people smoke healthier, and become a Fortune 500 company by growing with you. Our lettuce products are less expensive than other products that contain harmful particles, and smokers will also save money due to how slow lettuce burns. 

People all over the world are trying to smoke healthier and rather than smoking from bleached paper, Tobacco, and Hemp products, they choose to switch to SuperLeaf. 


History of SuperLeaf

SuperLeaf was discovered over 20 years ago by SL founder Junior Pierre. As a young boy Junior discovered the lettuce leaf in a garbage can after one of his father’s homemade remedies was unsuccessful. Growing up in Brooklyn near many Rastafarians, Junior was advised by his elders to focus on perfecting his leaf because it would be one of the greatest achievements of his life. After many years of trial and error, Junior perfected the proprietary methods to mass produce a high quality, premium lettuce wrap that has no taste, no odor, no GMOs, and uses no chemicals. The resulting product – SuperLeaf™ – is truly unlike any rolling paper, hemp paper, cigar or blunt wrap ever created.

Our team

Junior Pierre
COO & Founder

Junior's story starts with his invention "SUPERLEAF" the world's first lettuce blunt wrap and rolling papers. After attending Keiser University Junior owned and operated In House Media Group, a website development agency that he started in Domincan Republic in 2004. His work was ahead of it's time and portfolio includes celebrities such as Mike Tyson, and Wyclef Jean. Junior also worked for years in the music industry managing JAD records and working directly with JAD founder Danny Sims, who is best known for discovering Bob Marley. Before that Junior discovered his father's lettuce paper and began using it for science experiments in school, which led him to study the work of Dr. Puzant Torigian. Torigian was the president of the Safer Smokes Corporation and the developer of safer cigarettes primarily using lettuce leaf instead of tobacco. Unlike Dr. Torigian, Junior decided not to use chemicals and instead develop an organic method to create lettuce rolling papers and blunt wraps.

Ar Lena Richardson
Director of Corporate Communications

ArLena Richardson has more than 27 years of experience in the professional sports and communication industries. Since 1990 she has earned the opportunity to create and enhance the personal brands for some of America’s most outstanding professional and Olympic athletes. She is a two-time former Chief Operating Officer for BlackAthlete.net, where she helped establish the New York based company, in 2000. Her professional career began at the elite management and technology consulting firm, Arthur D. Little, Inc., after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Southern Methodist University. ArLena is also the former society editor for two of Houston’s popular community publications. She is also the former producer and host of “Deeper than the Game,” a talk show featuring athletes, executives, and entertainers who made glaring lifestyle transitions. She earned an MBA in Information Technology and was selected to deliver the commencement speech for her graduating class. ArLena is a doctoral candidate in sports management at the United States Sports Academy. She has served on the Board of Directors of numerous charitable organizations. Four United States presidents have found her worthy of an invitation to the White House.

Gregg Wedell
Sales Director

Mr. Gregg Wedell started his professional sales career with Texaco, before becoming a sales manager with General Motors. He would later become one of the first sales managers for the newly formed DaimlerChrysler in 1998, after the merger of Daimler-Benz AG and Chrysler. Gregg later entered in the financial markets selling IPOs and independent business opportunities, which led him to working with companies specializing in CBD and the Medical Marijuana industries. Besides SuperLeaf, Gregg’s spends his time distributing and managing the sales force for industrial equipment for cannabis oil extraction machinery. He has over 40 years of sales experience and at his age he is a firm believer that it is crucial to eliminate any potential chemicals in the body. Gregg often says that is the main reason he joined Team SuperLeaf.

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